Samoan views 2 – wishful thinking

So I guess some folks will think this journey is a paddle in coral-lined paradise (stroll in the park?)

Think on !

The Samoan “SchoolNet and Community Access Project” is expected to help the Government of Samoa develop the capacity of relevant divisions of the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture (MESC), as well as of teachers and students from all government and mission secondary schools (n=42), in information and communications technology (ICT) competencies. The Project will complement and expand Education Sector Project 2006–2012 activities to include ICT competencies and best practices for developing and using e-learning resources in classroom teaching and learning processes.

This is expected to enhance the quality of education, and cost-effectively improve student learning outcomes in six academic subjects aligned to wider priorities founded for mathematics and science. It will also support the Government’s efforts to improve the overall efficiency of the education sector and help to develop management models and partnership arrangements to ensure the sustainability of the project outcomes. The
Project is expected to foster the use of the Internet, where possible, and communication among schools domestically and internationally.

The Project will have four main components: (i) improving the quality of teaching and learning in secondary schools; (ii) improving access to education through ICT; (iii) establishing the Community Access Program and developing its partnerships; and (iv) strengthening education management and coordination, including improving
analyses of economic efficiency, equity, and sustainability.


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