A new bad hair day tail!

The (Acting) CEO
Namibia Airports Company Limited
Windhoek, Namibia

Dear Sir, Madam

Your Airport management staff at Hosea Kutako International Airport caught me on a really bad hair day. Your MISLEADING signage at the long term parking facility, manned by junior Airport staff, refers.

Having returned from a trip abroad, and being away for ONE WEEK (SEVEN days from Sunday morning through Saturday evening), I was confronted by an Airports Company management instruction to junior staff manning the collection kiosk at the long-term parking area at Hosea Kutako Airport that this period of vehicle storage represented a period of SIX ‘overnights’, rather than a period of ONE WEEK, in calculating the long term parking fee for my vehicle.

Accordingly, the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) was determined to collect N$ 300 for SIX ‘overnights’, rather than N$ 120 for ONE WEEK. Confronted by this verbal instruction to junior staff, I take offence at the very misleading signage prominently posted at the entrance to this parking area, which leaves these unfortunate, disenfranchised, junior staff to be lambasted by more than several irate customers, disputing the interpretation of the word ‘week’ on the NAC signage! Indeed, it appears that such heated interactions happen frequently at this gate, directly related to the NAC’s misleading signage.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English, among several other paper-based and on-line dictionaries, consulted while trying to calm down since my heated dispute with your NAC management staff took place, defines the word ‘week’ as a period of seven DAYS. Not seven ‘overnights’!

Based on telephonic exchange with your NAC management staff, it appears that they have unilaterally elected to redefine the word ‘week’ (a ‘Company’ week?) to be a week of seven ‘overnights’, and therefore EIGHT days by conventional reckoning.

To avoid unpleasant customer interactions in future, especially for your junior collection kiosk staff (who do not have internal company telephone access) , may I suggest that you urgently replace the presently misleading signage with something which unambiguously represents your determined position to charge your long-term parking customers N$ 50 for overnight storage over periods of one – six nights! I would go on to suggest that you then fix your signage to also reflect appropriately corrected charges for overnight storage periods of seven to 13 nights, periods of 14 nights and longer, and periods of 30 nights and longer.

Airports are stressful, dehumanising environments at the best of times; your thoughtful attention to detail could go a long way to easing this particular burden of stress for customers and staff alike.

Joris Komen


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