gardens speak for themselves!

Pre-rain November garden !

And… on from bottom left moving up and around and about, we have spearmint, strawberries, avocado, rhubarb, mizuma, dahnia, florence fennel, lolo rossa, dwarf oriental greens, horseradish, chives, brinjal, soya-beans, sunflowers, symbolic maize, sage, mustard lettuce, kale, radishes, garden beets, calendula, salad rocket, climbing beans, nasturtium, sorrel, samoan chillies, green peppers, tomatoes, lots more dahnia (coriander), pakchoi, comfrey, borage, oakleaf salad, giant parsley, lovage, gooseberries, tansy, catnip, multi-coloured chard, peppermint, pennyroyal, mugwort.  There’s lemongrass, a curry-leaf tree, thai lime, cherry guava, bay leaf,  rosemary, grenadilla, southernwood, lemon balm, geranium, alfafa, curly parsley, regular basil, thai rosella (hibiscus), strawberry husk tomatoes,  thai dill, lemon basil, hairy kaproa basil, mexican ‘mint’ (tagetes sp.), zuccinni (giant courgette), petite panne squash, snake gourd, fenugreek, green globe artichoke, and red kohlrabi.  There’s a bunch of different basil variants – dark opal, sweet thai, lime, cinnamon, liquorice scented – and several berry-producers – sunberry, huckleberry, tomantillo, naranjilla, and the mysterious fast-growing melocoton creeper (photo to follow:-)).

Now that the rain has come to Windhoek, we can sigh with relief – nearly 40 mm of rain in two days since our last drops of rain in early May this year!  It does assure us that there won’t be any bush fires to deal with in the next few weeks.  It may also mean that the unusually high diversity of insect-eating birds in the vegetable garden will disperse.  I’ve introduced several “spit-beetles” to counter the impact of slugs and other vegetarian pests, and there are several skinks, toads and frogs actively feeding on the same.

And the mostly insect-eating bird list – thanks to a pesticide free gardening venture – inside the netting – since May 2010 includes

Crimsonbreasted Shrike
Three-streaked Tchagra
Familiar Chat
Marico Flycatcher
Pririt Batis
Dusky Sunbird – gleaning spider webs
Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Barred Warbler
Chestnut-vented Titbabbler
Ashy Tit
Carp’s Tit
Blackchested Prinia
Shorttoed Rock Thrish
Greybacked Cameroptera (Bleating Warbler)
African Reed Warbler
Pied Barbet
Whitebrowed Sparrow weaver
Great Sparrow
Greyheaded Sparrow
Burntnecked Eremomela
Lesser masked weaver
Redheaded finch


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