Gardens speak for themselves part 2 – summer

And the rains came and the plants multiplied and they grew and grew and grew…

A collection of 7 different basils – see if you can spot the cinnamon-flavoured one:-)

The mysterious cassabanana has just produced its first flower buds, while taking control of the house’s thermoregulation – it is rapidly covering all the summer sun-baked walls!

Doodhi (long gourd) paradise – another high performance creeper!

and the cape gooseberries are prolific this year!

And a veritable jungle of greens, tomatoes, samoan chillies, bush beans, chards, rhubarb, mints  and other herbs in the original garden space. The slugs are now posing the first real challenge to our native predators;  the predators are engorged and have become sluggish… I now know where that word evolved 🙂

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One comment on “Gardens speak for themselves part 2 – summer
  1. Andrew Clegg says:

    There I was thinking that you were just the FOSSgeek of Brakwater but you are clearly a man who knows his compost. A rarity, I think, in Namibia which is not a country known for its composters despite the key role it played in the history of nitrates (

    I’m impressed. Your plot all looks much better than mine though I expect my red spiders may be bigger and more numerous than yours.


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