taxi warfare – arithrealitics

Peak hour traffic, and a city police traffic officer is just out of the picture :-).  Check how taxi G38 gets most normal drivers’  blood pressure up by abusing the left lane to sneak in front of the bus to beat the queue… the queue behind me was half a kilometre long.  And G38 was only one of a dozen or more doing exactly the same!  [then again – the transporting of people on the back of a pickup is also illegal in many places :-)!]

The Windhoek taxi strike: arithrealitics

Why taxi owners in Windhoek don’t really care about a day of striking…

It’s a simple equation, really… ±230 working days x >25,000 passengers x 2 trips daily x 8 kms @ N$1/km = ca. N$ 70-150 million gross income/annum for taxi *owners* in Windhoek. Go figure, it’s really all about capital “who gives a sh*t” exploitation.

slight correction is in order – 21% of Windhoek population use taxis – that’s 63,000 people per working day = N$ 232 million per annum – that’s only a million bucks per day. Small change, strike on.  Only 4% of Windhoek population use public transport, ie, municipal buses. 

Troubling too, based on small vehicle CO2 emission calculations, each passenger accounts for 585 kg of CO2 per year!


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