gardens speak for themselves – part 3, late summer

With the greatest volume of rain we’ve ever experienced here in this part of Namibia – we’re looking at beating a rainfall record last documented 120 years ago, and with the rain not finished yet at over 750 mm, the garden has taken on a distinctly out-of-control wild aspect, verdant, lush, flamboyant – words ordinarily used to describe tropical jungle! And to prove the point, we now have a mango tree growing in the place of a discarded pip.  Whatever next?  The cassabanana vine has produced its first fruits, and we can’t wait to taste this exotic Brazilian fruit! It took a lot of rain and some successful pollinating to get this far, and I do hope to taste the harvest!

Cassabanana fruit in the making – already 40 cms long and growing!

resplendent Cassabanana vine covering our north-eastern walls

Doodhi jungle invading the acacia tree!

A sample of climate change ? Mango tree from a discarded pip!

late summer garden, trimmed for winter planting

March 2011 inner garden – tomatoes, peppers and chillies galore! 

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