some more taxi views

I’m finding this photography remarkably therapeutic – no more road rage for me – a calm hand produces a steady photograph!

check the man smiling – and note the hat – the majority of perpetrators wear  a diversity of hats! I’m hoping that my dear friend Dudley will find a moment to share his artistic skills with me on that front…

sorry – the hat is not visible.

my favourite spot for the name and shame game!

see the hat?

An ode to Windhoek City’s town planning department – I must get some kind of appropriate quote from Hugo on the subject :-)!

I couldn’t do the follow up here, but a video-clip would have had everyone rolling in the aisles!

Ain’t he busted – that’s another observation I can make – most of our Windhoek taxi-drivers are male. 
Taxis driven by women are inevitably fitted with hats. 

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One comment on “some more taxi views
  1. tatejoris says:

    If you have any pics of taxis in distress, please let me know!

    And don't we love the range of Chinese adverts dominating my space:-)!


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