So they still think an ICT class at school will produce coding geek???

 So I got wind of a story –  ** IT teaching in need of ‘reform’ **

The teaching of computer science needs to be reformed to make it more relevant to modern needs, says the UK government < >

Old foggies … they still have it wrong.  Do you really think that an ICT class at secondary school offering M$FT C# will do anything more than give Anders Hejlsberg’s ego a boost? 

I don’t think so – simply because kids who wanna be geeks would rather be doing stuff with current programming languages – C# is essentially a Java rip off – and there’s way cooler programming language out there dealing with contemporary distributed framework issues.  And there’s no way they’ll be doing game development in a classroom of a mediocre country school!

Android platform and imminent Linux alternatives, free from the M$FT litigation dazzle, will soon represent the coding environment of choice, and all the poor kiddies forced to learn C# @ school will be lost to the cause! There’s no way any secondary education system is going to develop curriculum content which will embrace universal coding options.  No one ICT teacher in a secondary school is going to be able to teach such diverse skill, so it will typically be an appointment with some M$FT A+, N+ or MCSE qualification… with the end result a closed system suited to further M$FT exploitation.

Sorry to sound so cynical, but I’ve heard this bullshit too many times.  Kids who wanna be geeks will become geeks through networking with other wanna be geeks and having unlimited access to the right tools. Not be listening to an inevitably disenfranchised teacher in a goverment secondary school.


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