Namibian piss-artistry, statistically speaking!

Namibia becoming a nation of drunks

An article written by a Namibian Newspaper reporter, SELMA SHIPANGA today suggests that RESEARCH done in Windhoek’s Kabila informal settlement reveals that 38 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women have exchanged sex for alcohol. The objectives of the research, apparently, done in collaboration with the Society for Family Health (SFH), was to understand how bar owners, staff, patrons and community members perceive the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption.  

Glaringly, and this is where it gets statistically interesting, another finding reveals that 56 % of Kabila residents have been drunk while having sex with a one-night stand. Another 51 % have been drunk when having casual sex, and a further 50 % have been drunk when having sex with a prostitute.

Huh?  That adds up to fully 157% of the Kabila population… meaning that *everyone*, and then some, are drunkenly having sex, virtually all the time.  Roman orgies of old pale to insignificance!

Seriously though, I guess this must be pretty close to the truth if  “a total of 265 bars were counted within Kabila’s four square kilometre area…” as reported by Lavinia Shikongo, country director for SFH.  That means there’s a cucashop almost every 120 metres, whichever way you walk, nay, stagger and crawl in this settlement!

The article also explains why the Namibian has been looking for a new sub-editor.  Hopefully someone who knows just a teeny bit of maths?


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