A little pet hate sorted…how refreshing:-)

Dear email distribution list members, 

I've been involved with email distribution lists from the very, very,
very early formative days of this, generally marvelous, collective
communication tool !

For as long as I can remember there HAVE ALWAYS been some delinquents
(gee - I'm tempted to call them more colorful names ) -
individuals who simply do not have the intellectual capacity (there!
I've come close :-)) to understand the VERY SIMPLE MECHANISMS AVAILABLE
TO ALL (there - I'm now SHOUTING!) to remove ONESELF from any email
distribution list which drives more than the acceptable volume of emails
into your inbox (is that the right contemporary expression for
contemporary social network users?)!

There's even a DELETE button in every email client I've ever had the
privilege of using since the advent of the internet - yes, I am that

Use this button for threads that don't make sense or irritate. There's
even a mechanism to flag unwelcome emails as SPAM; this will also work
- especially for lazy delinquents.

Those delinquents who don't have sufficient intellect to remove
THEMSELVES from something as simple as an email distribution list
(there's even a URL at the bottom of EVERY EMAIL delivered to this list
(SEE BELOW)) which will guide you), should simple send __________ (the list
administrator) a neat OFF-LIST email message asking to him remove them
from our collective email distribution list -

hopefully forever.

Here's the administrator's email address - and as a parting lesson in netiquette,
politely spelled out in such a manner that the internet's hungry
robots don't abuse him more than you, the delinquent, are likely to -

othername AT domain DOT com

Alternatively, you can write something so indescribably rude in response
to my mild flame that the administrator will zap you right out of our continued,
highly enjoyable email distribution list dealing with ALL matters of
interest and concern to the 300 odd members of FOSSFA, paid up or

Best regards

Joris Komen

a still remarkably tolerant FOSSFA liaison in Namibia!

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