Pressure adjustment (2) – another pet hate…unsolicited monster attachments

Hi ______________ (fill in applicable salutation - pressure dependent!)

You've caught me on a bad hair day today. 

I've got to FLAME you for your naive ignorance of internet courtesies, popularly know as 'netiquette", in your supposition that everyone in this community has the high speed bandwidth and uncapped internet access you appear to use with WILD ABANDON at your offices!  

Sending me an UNSOLICITED email with an attached data volume of more than *9.7* MEGABYTES is downright RUDE!

Yes, I AM SHOUTING!!!! It's taken me THREE hours on a mobile phone in BRAKWATER to *clear* my mailbox of a jammed queue of emails this morning because of your lack of netiquette and MTC's *useless* connection! God
forbid trying to do this in a remote part of Namibia.

While I am *still* on your mailing list, I want to avoid future irritation by showing you a way of sharing this ENORMOUS file you've tried to send to a multitude of local email addresses, without it becoming a major time and cost burden on those of us forced to use the PATHETIC internet services provided by MTC.

It's called CLOUD COMPUTING these days. I'm sure there must be *someone* in your life who touts authority on this very subject - shame on you for not soliciting advice on the nature of this well-known and common alternative to wasting my and others' precious bandwidth, time and resources!

It is clear that you have a problem *uploading* a document to a document-reading area or repository on your *own* web site -   - because *your* webmaster isn't capable of giving you a decent localised CONTENT

May I advise you that any and all your documents, and especially ENORMOUS *proprietary* documents like the one you've sent me,  can easily be uploaded by YOU to a GOOGLE DOCS or DROPBOX repository at YOUR own bandwidth cost and time!

You then SIMPLY change the privacy settings for such documents in the cloud to allow people with the correct web link to view and/or edit them. You send us these web links in a *brief* (<<< 2k) email, and we can then independently BROWSE/VIEW these cloud documents without compromising our EXPENSIVE, PATHETICALLY SLOW and CONGESTED bandwidth. If I really want to EDIT or MODIFY some such document, I can then chose to DOWNLOAD such a file to my own choice of assistive technology (read device) at my own cost and time. Remember that technologies are evolving at an exponential rate - not everyone sits behind a desk with an aging M$FT-based PC beating away at proprietary document formats these days!

If you do not know how to do this - it's a bit like uploading colourful party invitations to FACEBOOK - I'll be happy to show you how when I'm next in your neck of the woods.
Here are examples of a privately SHARED doc for you to understand what I'm trying to say in this first (FREE) lesson:

or more simply

In the next lesson I'll be happy to show you how to shorten URL (web) links with BIT.LY so that your email readership doesn't have to struggle with long, complicated web links. That lesson will NOT be free, and I'll invoice you at local commercial consultancy rates (I'll throw in some tips on how to save your documents in a non-modifiable format like PDF).

While high speed, uncapped internet is still out of the question for most of us in Namibia, please consider changing your file-sharing methodologies URGENTLY to keep us abreast of your news!



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