Ministerial help wanted

Maybe I’m simply suffering from educational allergies, or I’ve somehow managed to miss the bell-ringing again, but a 3/4 page spread in the Namibian by minister Abraham Iyambo presenting his message of ‘motivation’ to grade 10 and 12 learners, on Friday, got my skin crawling… much like the noise of a nail screeching on a chalk-board does.

Especially the opening paragraph which reads “Believe me when I say that no matter (!) whether you study under a candle light, a tree, a properly set (?) study room or walk long distances the very result of your success depends on your willingness and deep desire to become SOMEBODY.”
(my parentheses and punctuations)

Given the prevailing lack of access to information in rural Namibia, it is highly unlikely that ANYBODY forced to study by candle light or under a tree, or walk long distances to school, is likely to read let alone feel encouraged by this smarmy (self?)-trumpery. Let alone ‘soar like an eagle’ or ‘unleash their innate strengths’… good grief!

and then, study ‘smart’ ? What exactly does this mean? Street-wise? Because at the rate this national educational process is going, they’ll need all the ‘smart’ they can get to survive the miseries of unemployment. In a system which continues to favour archaic academic ambition over perfectly respectable blue-collar *skills*!

Minister Iyambo has TWO personal specialist advisors and a fleet of educated staff who should be chastised for exceeding the bounds of moderation.


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