visa blues? relax, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In response to a South African complaining about the apparent nuisance of applying for a Ghanaian visa…

Having been severely abused by embassies, immigration, customs and medical officers at airports in *every* country in the world (including both of those I consider mine:-)), I don’t see where the Ghanaian visa application process is any more adverse than the humiliating experiences I’ve had – and especially from anal-retentive officials at South Africa’s embassy in Windhoek, and even more depressingly, at Johannesburg international airport.

Frankly. We are going to get shafted wherever we go, by the officious mindset at airports and embassies. I always get body searched at airports… even when the x-ray machine is silent, and embassies always ask me more questions than I think is normal. I’m afraid it must have something to do with my persona, or my latest hair, or lack of it.  

I’m still waiting for my Ghanaian visa – they promised it would be ready on Thursday 11th. It’s OK. Hakuna matatizo. If not, kinyesi kinatokea, literally:-). I’m certainly not going lose sleep over it.

Cheers etc.

PS  – my personal worst airport is Miami International;  the extent of abuse by officials there is astounding!  


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2 comments on “visa blues? relax, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  1. A visa is not a right. It is a privilege. Every traveler knows that. You still may be refused a visa after you provide all the papers and answer all the questions..

    However, Ghana as a country has no visa requirements for all of West Africa, and as well as KE, UG and TZ. Maybe EAC and ECOWAS should just eliminate visa between the two communities.

    I strongly believe we lose more than we gain.


  2. tatejoris says:

    i totally concur – one day we'll even see universal access models of movement adopted by country governments globally – maybe in our lifetime? otherwise some of us will really simply need to get used to using Skype and a webcam!


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