First cheetah kill at home!

There have been several reports of cheetah sightings in the area of Brakwater – where we live about 16 kms (as the crow flies) from the centre of windhoek. While we’ve had plenty of spoor of feral dogs, leopard, brown hyaena and other smaller predators and scavengers, we’ve always been somewhat iffy about suspected cheetah spoor on our place, because they are so easy to confuse with those of dogs.

Late afternoon, day before yesterday Liz disturbed an adult cheetah at a freshly killed young kudu about 50 metres from our game waterhole and salt-lick.  What a thrill for her!  Hoping that we’d see more of this cheetah, we put the trail camera in a tree near the carcass.  
And here’s the outcome – what a nice surprise to record the cheetah’s return to the carcass just before dawn the following morning, feed to satiation, leaving after an hour or so, with a very full belly!  
A sequence of photos – 

Just before dawn – 06h20

First light

Alert to presence of jackals hovering around.

Alert 1.

Alert 2.

Feeding in a hurry.

Huge belly,

Finished eating, last photo in sequence  – 07h47!

Jackals, warthog, tawny eagles and vultures came in to feed subsequently… including a partially leucistic youngish Lappet-faced vulture


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