Ai. I was right about Kenya government OLOC…

Further to my earlier comments on recent M$FT phallophoria in Kenya:

VENTURES AFRICA – The Kenyan government set aside KSh53.2 billion ($622 million) to support the one laptop one child programme in today’s budget speech presented by cabinet secretary for finance Henry Rotich.

According to the government, the laptop programme will be initiated in four phases over four years and has been allocated an annual budget KSh17.4 billion ($203 million) with the ultimate goal of buying 1.35 million laptops, with remaining funds being used in the development of digital content in order to improve the curriculum, with Rotich adding there is also a plan to replace textbooks with e-learning material.

One laptop one child (OLOC?) or One laptop per child (OLPC)? 

The big question will be who supplies the 1,35 million “laptops”? At what price per unit?  the margin, notwithstanding the cost of ” digital content” development (we’ve heard that one before!), would seem colossal @ US$ 461 per unit ??

So is it really OLPC? No way! Not at that price and not without some *huge* media hype from our tainted ICT4E friend Nick Negroponte!

This news comes hot on heels of the Kenya M$FT media splash, so my guess is they’re wining and dining the Intel Classmate dealerships. [In Kenya Intel has apparently partnered with the distributors of Mecer products Mustek E.A who have worked with other government and non-government organizations to distribute the Classmate PC to rural areas.] Source 

Intel + M$FT will provide far more margin than the sale of *obsolete* green OLPC XO-1 lunch-boxes… remember that Nick has already moved on in the world – I guess he’s desperately trying to get rid of a production overrun of the pre-AMD versions of XO-1 and possibly XO-2 with more ‘over-promise’ on the XO-3 and XO-4 tablet than reality – see this relatively mild and slightly aged critique

AND the most recent news I’ve been able to find –

Suggests that even these plans have now also been scrapped! I’m pretty sure that Nick is well past his sell-by(e) date. I guess someone in Kenya had better be asking Corne Combrink or even better, Albert Kigada, Mustek East Africa’s regional sales and marketing manager, how they see this OLOC project “materialising” :-)?


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