My own little instagram site for camera trap images of wildlife at NARREC

It’s been some 24 years that Liz and I have had the privilege of living on this gorgeous piece of land just  17 odd kms from the centre of Windhoek, as the crow flies.  We still get to be surprised by the things we see and hear in what is still very much a wilderness.

While rare summer visitors like Redchested Cuckoos and Thrush Nightingales give themselves away with their distinctive calls, it is the beasties of the night which have eluded us all these years.  Leopards, honey badgers, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, brown hyaena, leopard and aardvark are cases in kind.  Until now – camera traps at our waterhole and vulture feeding site have allowed us to corroborate the iffie evidence of animal spoor (tracks) found in the soft sand and (rarely!) mud around the waterhole.

This month we got the thrilling photographic evidence of mountain zebras using our water hole. While these animals are not uncommon in the Khomas Hochland west of us, it’s a first record for us!

We are also excited by the first photo of an aardvark – we’ve found spoor, but have never seen them in the flesh on our place.  And now a huge leopard.

We look forward to more photos from our camera traps.  Here’s a small sample of wildlife photos at NARREC

Who said Porcupines and Honey Badgers are vegetarian? 

Brown Hyaena 

Our first Aardvark! 
Nice Kudu

Excellent female Oryx

A “herd” of kudus – counted 14 individuals in this group.


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