Introducing Vulture re-sightings in Namibia!

Following earlier critique of existing systems (SAFRING,  EWT and Vultures Namibia) which were supposed to be ‘effective’ in sharing information with joe public and vulture ringers on tagged vultures re-sighted by them in southern africa, and not really getting anywhere, I chose to work with Ushahidi crowdmaps to provide a working alternative.

It really does work! On Chrome on a Mac – I’ve just checked with a M$FT laptop running Exploder and Chrome which also works – if it doesn’t, it may mean that you’ve probably switched off invasive forms of cookie / other app use of your browsers – I know that my Safari app on Mac doesn’t see the iframe on the blog either, nor the blogger app on Ipad … but then it’s rigidly set up to prevent all forms of invasion…ditto for my version of Firefox.

So the vulturesresightings reporting site, thanks to Ushahidi has now been officially launched.  With obvious concern that it will require quite a bit of publicity in the tourism industry to avoid becoming another data-harvesting white elephant.  The point is that re-sighting vultures with tags and canadian rings is part and parcel of the tour-guide’s arsenal in places like Etosha, when he/she runs out of big and hairy animals to spot :-)!


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