Vulture poisoning leads to insanity

Good god!  That woman at REST has now moved from delusions of grandeur to delusions of adequacy – why are people like her unable to understand the fundamental basics of breeding vultures – you can’t see dead, decomposed chicks from an airplane unless you’re flying at such a *very low* altitude that you would *obviously* endanger *live* chicks by disturbing the brooding parents off the nests. 

“found a plane to hire, planned time off from busy schedules and will check large breeding areas by air, near our border for dead chicks or parents.” ??? This is utterly insane.  

As I wrote in a previous roll –

I would also suggest that the intention to stomp around the bush with ladders to climb onto vulture nests to recover decomposed nestlings at this early stage of development – in Angola, Zambia, Botswana and a narrow strip of Namibia given their probable foraging range – is completely delusional.   And it may do more harm than good to the very young vulture nestlings being reared normally – disturbing parents off nests puts these defenceless young nestlings at risk of predation, or bone-breaks when parents are flushed by disturbance. 

I suggest that the funds this gung ho NGO has managed to crowd-source for this hysterical little adventure are better spent on pulling together a group of concerned vulture conservationists along with Ministry of Environment, veterinary services, pesticide adminstrators in Agriculture and Health sectors from Namibia as well as Angola, Zambia and Botswana to do some meaningful stuff – also invite people like Pete Hancock and Andre Botha! Maybe have it hosted at one of Garth&Margie’s community centres in Caprivi or at the freshly inaugurated Bwabwata park offices, and invite a bunch of local decision makers as well.  And bring along some good media practitioners – not the hysterical anti-seal and anti-cuba brigade we’ve had to suffer of late.”


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