Use bloated Ministry of Defence food budget to pay for school internet

CRAN says on it FaceBook page – 

Namibia ranked 110th globally for Internet access in schools, or lack thereof, out of 144 countries, according to the World Economic Forum. We have our work cut out for us.

I say –  

WE” ???  Who is “we“? 

Joel Kapanda promised free internet to all Namibian schools on 15 May 2012! But on 25 June 2013, Frans Ndoroma of Telecom trashed Joel’s promise – “free internet for schools in Namibia is a pipe-dream” says Frans Ndoroma, MD of Telecom Namibia, in spite of MICT’s promise see #EduNetNamibia”.  

Go figure – 

for a paltry N$ 22 million per year, MICT and MoE can serve an uncapped 2MB internet capacity to *each* of 1,100 government schools (ie those with electricity!) at Telecom’s existing *retail* price for this broadband!  And if these two responsible line-function ministries are unable to foot the bill directly, I suggest they cut into the Ministry of Defence’s bloated budget for soldier food…N$ 5 billion for 15,200 soldiers per year = N$300 per meal, three times daily – that’s more than enough to foot the bill, and our soldiers will still be able to fit through doors. 


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