Look out for crowdsourced angel investors

Paul Dravis writes that …”while interest in *crowd-funding has grown significantly* in recentyears, *regulatory restrictions* have limited many small businesses to promoting and sellingproducts, services and events that were still in development. 

In this process, the crowd funding exchanges provide a forum for small business to present videos and business plans *about themselves and their efforts in the hope of *connecting with new customers and investors*.
*Prominent crowd funding exchanges *include* Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Fundable; *with *market leader Kickstarter raising $844 million* for 50,623 projects since it started in 2009. In addition, while some *technology and video game projects have raised over $1 million*, the *overall funding success rate is 43.9% *for projects promoted on Kickstarter, with the *highest success rates* in the areas of *music*, *theater* and *dance*.


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