Indiegogo Customer Happiness? A response

Oh dear. customer happiness ? indeed.


Please forward my response to your CEO Mr Rubin – nice picture of him with Storm Sondors!

I would appreciate if your company would refund US$ 2396 which I paid in consideration for the (Indiegogo InDemand) pre-sale *perk* of four Storm Sondors ebikes which we planned to have operational, powered by remote solar-charging stations, by a RHINO anti-poaching team in Damaraland in northwestern Namibia by mid July 2015?

In case you don’t know, Namibia is a country in southwestern Africa. We have the largest remaining wild population of seriously endangered Black Rhinos in the world.

The monies which I extended for this product are important to me and the future of rhino conservation, and I am deeply concerned by the fact that a lawsuit was filed by your Agency 2.0 against Storm-Sondors for (contractual) non-payment.

If Agency 2.0 has not been paid, then how am I going to receive these ebikes that meets the specifications that were outlined in the offering, that will be properly supported, will be safe to operate and help Namibia prevent the extinction of the last remaining wild black rhino population in the world as directly correlated to the sexual inadequacies of very wealthy Chinese businessmen who clearly appear to be associated with the manufacture of this Sondors ebike?

I would ask that you step in as the strongest party in this transaction, not have your staff send me very patronising, stereotypic form letters, and refund my money at this time. We are not completely stupid here in Africa; indeed this whole messy business reads like a 419 scam, which has its roots in Nigeria – another country in Africa.

By refunding me, you might consider this as a likely first philanthropic commitment to supporting rhino conservation in Africa, and not come across as just one more callous money-making partner in this “second most successful indiegogo crowdfunding campaign”, while we sweat to prevent rhino horns from getting to Chinese businessmen with erectile dysfunction.

I also expect your team to work with Storm Sondors to resolve any and all of my existing concerns; and share this likely positive engagement with the 13,000 well-meaning supporters of the Sondors ebike campaign.


Joris Komen
Netday Namibia

cc. Ambassador Martin Andjaba, Embassy of Namibia, Washington DC
cc. One Africa Television

powered by solar energy!

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015, at 09:22, Christine (Indiegogo Customer Happiness)
> ## Please do not write below this line ##
> [Indiegogo Support] Re: Sondors bike campaign
> ———————————————-
> Christine, Apr 24, 01:22
> Hi Joris,
> Thanks for your question. Indiegogo is not able to guarantee that perks
> will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. The nature of crowdfunding is
> such that campaigns on Indiegogo are raising funds for work-in-progress
> projects, ideas, or causes. Contributing to a campaign and claiming a
> perk on Indiegogo is not the same as buying something online. Because
> projects may still be in their early stages, many things can happen
> between the time the project is raising funds and the expected project
> release date. While your contribution brings the campaign idea closer to
> becoming reality, there’s always the chance that a project may end up
> falling through, and the campaign owner may not be able to offer their
> contributors the perks they’d originally promised.
> That said, campaign owners **are** still held by our Terms of Use
> ( to fulfill perks. If for any
> reason they’re unable to offer you the perk you claimed, campaign owners
> are obligated to reach out to their contributors and work out a mutually
> satisfactory resolution- this resolution could be an alternative perk, a
> promise to issue the promised perk at a later date, or a refund. We
> always recommend opening up a conversation with the campaign owner if you
> have any question about what will happen to your contribution.
> Thanks for your understanding.
> Cheers,
> Christine
> Customer Happiness
> Indiegogo (


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