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in preparation for a mix of a.i. and installation art

Cool to have a sneak preview of the poetry-generating artificial intelligemce at Erik Schnack and Madryn Cosburn’s art exhibition in the former Sam Cohen hall at PC Centre in windhoek on 23 April. Advertisements

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Thanks Ian, it’s been fun!

A compact, easy-to-use guide features more than 350 of the more conspicuous and commonly seen birds in Namibia, the  ‘Pocket Guide Birds of Namibia’  offers: Concise identification text; Full-colour photographs of all the species covered; Up-to-date distribution maps; and An

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Why new Fisheries regulations do not have any environmental preservation basis

So Bernard has been duped, once again, purportedly by the commercial fisheries sector (the ‘advisory council’??),  to get a regulatory revision through the system without seemingly any environmental consultation concerning the fact that such a revision has little, if any,

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medical aid – a friendly non-profit association 

Oh! Susanna,         [the fall guy for a local medical practice] I’m having a particularly bad hair day today. To wit, your final demand refers.  I don’t have any gripes with NHP medical aid’s junior front-desk staff

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Degenerate Art revisited – new beginnings of fascism?

Recently posted on Facebook by a young (white) sympathiser /supporter of the burning of art and vandalism of historical monuments by #Rhodesmustfall protagonists at the University of Cape Town (and subsequently at other institutions of learning in South Africa) – “If you’re

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Indiegogo just got richer…

As the nascent industry of crowdfunding “matures” (read more profitable for fatcats), some big-name investors are getting involved. Indiegogo, an early player, said an all-star list of tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is now backing the company. The new investors include

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Indiegogo Customer Happiness? A response

Oh dear. customer happiness ? indeed. Please forward my response to your CEO Mr Rubin – nice picture of him with Storm Sondors! I would appreciate if your company would refund US$ 2396 which I paid in consideration for the

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