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Indiegogo Customer Happiness? A response

Oh dear. customer happiness ? indeed. Please forward my response to your CEO Mr Rubin – nice picture of him with Storm Sondors! I would appreciate if your company would refund US$ 2396 which I paid in consideration for the

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Priceless digiscoping adaptor for Iphone thanks to 3D printing!

A priceless digiscoping adaptor for an Iphone 4S and a Kowa spotting ‘scope ┬áhas just been made possible courtesy of an idea, an inspired mind (thank you Madryn!), some open source CAD software and Netday technologies in the form of

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Dealing with veldt fires in Brakwater, a peri-urban neighbourhood of WIndhoek

I met with Tangeni UUSIKU (1), section head: Fire safety and prevention, Emergency management division, at Fire Brigade HQ, to try sort out some confusion about dealing with veldt (= grass /bush/forest) fires in the greater BRAKWATER area within the

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Light2Read; updated considerations (dateline March 2015)

Development Challenge, Innovation, and Anticipated Impacts Challenge A lack of electricity (and light to read), information and educational resources in more than 50% of Namibia’s households, crucial to the citizenship becoming literate, informed and democratised. Only 350 schools in Namibia

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TEDxWindhoek talk

Delighted to share –

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Light to Read – why the apparent lack of interest in libraries by ICT4E pundits?

I guess that supporting teacher involvement in what Niall Winters’ and many other pedagogues’ (peculiarly) narrow notion of mobile learning is a messy, time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Frankly, I’m amazed by the apparent lack of interest in libraries by all

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A nasty blast from the past – vulture poison article (199..

Vultures in Namibia In May 1995 a farmer near Usakos on the edge of the Namib desert poisoned 94 vultures, 86 of which were Lappetfaced Vultures, the remainder Whitebacked Vultures, with a single poison-baited carcass. The farmer claimed that these

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