Born in the Congo, raised and variously educated in Burundi, Holland, Nigeria and South Africa, I was curator of birds at the National Museum of Namibia from 1983-2000. The Internet and computerisation of museum collections irrevocably lured me into information and communication technologies, and I’ve spent considerable time and energy promoting its relevance to African museums and, importantly, to schools in Namibia and further afield. I played a critical role in launching and driving SchoolNet Namibia, a civil society organisation which is committed to providing sustainable internet access, free/libre and open source software, and Creative Commons educational content to all schools in Namibia. I consult in ICT4E & D projects which grab my interest, in between growing veggies and herbs organically.

Interests –  challenging myopic authoritarian paradigms,  salt-water (fly-)fishing with my sons, single malt whisky,  twitching (birds) with Liz, FLOSS,  OER,  Creative Commons, Library (Raspberry) Pi

Favourite music – Jan Garbarek, Khadja Nin, Habib Koita, Cesaria, Beuno Vista Club, Papa (Hishishi) Shikongeni


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