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Trout fishing in Namibia, anyone?

After a wildly dramatic downpour of 34 mm in just under 20 minutes the other evening, our rivers are finally flowing again! And it ain’t over yet, since our ‘official’  rain season only started yesterday Main riverbed looking north and

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taxi warfare – arithrealitics

Peak hour traffic, and a city police traffic officer is just out of the picture :-).  Check how taxi G38 gets most normal drivers’  blood pressure up by abusing the left lane to sneak in front of the bus to

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Search for the right EV battery is on!

Excerpted from Wikipedia The NiMH EV-95 battery used by Toyota in their short-lived RAV4 EV lease vehicle of the early 2000s, is, typically, not available. Chevron had inherited control of the worldwide patent rights for the NiMH EV-95 battery when

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background to an action matrix for FLOSS in Africa

More than a decade ago, in the face of rapidly changing technological advancement, and exorbitant cost of proprietary hardware, desktop and server software solutions stifling the use of information and communications technologies in Africa, there was a de facto development

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dealing with post-Paris depression

I think that Twitter and the comment boxes on FaceBook, even those associated with blog entries like this do not do justice to my need to interact.  Where have those heady days of vigorous often heated banter on FOSSFA and

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Gardens speak for themselves part 2 – summer

And the rains came and the plants multiplied and they grew and grew and grew… A collection of 7 different basils – see if you can spot the cinnamon-flavoured one:-) The mysterious cassabanana has just produced its first flower buds,

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And the mysterious NWCT strikes again!

With apologies to my English readership:-) and extracted from the Republikein’s report some time ago:“IEWERS in Namibië loop waarskynlik iemand rond wat onbewus is dat hy ’n Toyota Land Cruiser gewen het. Die Namibiese Natuurlewe Bewaring Trustfonds (NWCT) se geldinsamelingskompetisie waarin

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