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Latest vultures re-sighted resighted in Namibia

See the latest vulturesresightings.crowdmap – we’re pushing 5% re-sightings of vultures tagged/ringed!— Joris Komen (@tatejoris2) August 23, 2013 Advertisements

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Using twitter to report vulture re-sightings in southern Africa

With twitter becoming an increasingly relevant reporting mechanism, I’ve set up the Vultures Namibia crowdmap to also aggregate Tweets which use the #seevultures, e.g., #seevultures NARREC White-backed vulture, rings LEFT top down Metal,Green,Red RIGHT top down Green, Red, Yellow.

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recent vulture re-sightings at REST

Let me make absolutely clear that I *only* ever share my concerns about gung ho NGOs in the social media.  I don’t do private banter, since this simply doesn’t result in meaningful outcomes.   While a private distribution membership list (e.g., NAMRINGERS) is as good a social

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#Namibia Roads Authority Arrogance

When will these state-owned officials become professional? #Namibia roads authority arrogance – close your gates when it pleases you – like 14h15 on a Wednesday?? Get real!— Joris Komen (@tatejoris2) August 15, 2013

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Vulture poisoning leads to insanity

Good god!  That woman at REST has now moved from delusions of grandeur to delusions of adequacy – why are people like her unable to understand the fundamental basics of breeding vultures – you can’t see dead, decomposed chicks from

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"X"- Net – Telecom Namibia’s empty promise

Telecom #Namibia Why does “X”-Net continue to be exactly that – an empty promise? — Joris Komen (@tatejoris2) August 14, 2013

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Another case of poisoned vultures in NE Namibia – this time Bwabwata

A widely publicised decision by a local gung ho NGO to desperately seek kodak moments of yet some more poisoned vultures in the Caprivi may confuse the international readership; this latest batch of vultures they seek, were poisoned en masse in Bwabwata several weeks ago – indeed,  some photos I

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