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Indiegogo just got richer…

As the nascent industry of crowdfunding “matures” (read more profitable for fatcats), some big-name investors are getting involved.¬†Indiegogo, an early player, said an all-star list of tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is now backing the company. The new investors include

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Indiegogo Customer Happiness? A response

Oh dear. customer happiness ? indeed. Please forward my response to your CEO Mr Rubin – nice picture of him with Storm Sondors! I would appreciate if your company would refund US$ 2396 which I paid in consideration for the

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How To Purchase Ebike Motors And Batteries From China Without Getting Screwed Over (too bad) In The Process

Some more sage advice on ebike acquisition!

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How To Be An Educated Crowdfunded Electric Fatbike Consumer

And here a warm fuzzy perspective to make me only a tiny bit more comfortable with the upcoming additional risk of paying for the shipping of the sondors ebikes to Namibia!

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Will the Sondors ebike campaign yet turn out to be a grand scam?

The enthusiasm! The Sondors eBike campaign is the 2nd most funded campaign on Indiegogo of all time, having raised over $5.2 million. More than 12,000 backers have supported the project with the majority contributing with the expectation they will receive

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About OER world map

About. let’s hope this becomes a considered map of OER IN THE WORLD – I also wish that these collaborators would also work on a cohesive solution for an online pick-menu of OER – from which I can select the

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