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albatross meeting, Cambridge 2013

A place marker for ideas which I carried out of the Albatross Task Force meeting in Cambridge, 15-20 April 2013 Advertisements

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BOFFFF* you!

Fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly and economist Ussif Rashid Sumaila have examined subsidies paid to bottom trawl fleets around the world. They found that US$152 million per year are paid to deep-sea fisheries. Without these subsidies, global deep-sea fisheries would operate

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Scary stats – what throwing ‘away’ can mean for end-users of redundant mobile devices

Reading about the material composition of mobile devices, it’s fairly obvious that a vast quantity of harmful stuff is being ditched as phones and other assistive mobile technologies are being replaced with newer models. So what’s in a mobile phone (courtesy Cécile

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