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Introducing Vulture re-sightings in Namibia!

Following earlier critique of existing systems (SAFRING,  EWT and Vultures Namibia) which were supposed to be ‘effective’ in sharing information with joe public and vulture ringers on tagged vultures re-sighted by them in southern africa, and not really getting anywhere,

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Why do so many e-learning conferences elicit so many delusions of adequacy?

I’ve been looking for an opportune moment to respond to the peculiar notion of an ‘Education for All (EFA)’ future in Africa without teachers, thanks to mobile technology.  Which sounds just like another ‘Negropontism’.  Donald Clark has made some biting

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Why I hoped that the next President didn’t like fish – part 2

I’ve excerpted most of this article below – with due credit to the Namibian newspaper, and Dudley Viall (‘mojo’) for his excellent cartoon of Namibia’s founding President Sam Nujoma catching fish from his deck-chair at Agate Beach south of Moewe

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Why I hope(d) the next president didn’t like fish – revisited – fourteen years ago!

photo courtesy KingBob 2013 Recently back from a coastal angling expedition with friends Dave and KingBob, I have to admit that I’ve never really been very good at catching ‘size‘ west coast Steenbras Lithognathus aureti, also known as seabream (oder Westkusten-Streifenbrasse). The

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My own little instagram site for camera trap images of wildlife at NARREC

It’s been some 24 years that Liz and I have had the privilege of living on this gorgeous piece of land just  17 odd kms from the centre of Windhoek, as the crow flies.  We still get to be surprised

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Nicest birthday present yet!

A first grainy photograph of a large leopard captured by our camera trap at the waterhole last night!  How cool is that? 

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On copyright

In reaction to a flurry of distribution list commentary with pre-conceptions on what copyright is, I thought to bring some order to the conversation, as follows: For the record, copyright is an oft-maligned *legal* concept, giving the creator of an

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