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Ebba Kalondo back to work in Namibia?

In response to a recent FB shout-out by Ebba Kalondo, Deputy Head F24/RFI Africa Service @EbbaKalondo,  about whether or not she should apply for the job vacated by Dr Audrin Mathe (PhD in Rhetoric Studies), i.e., Chief News and Programming Officer and Deputy

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brief report on 6th MICT stakeholders’ consultative forum, Arrebusch lodge, Windhoek

Tweeting as @tatejoris2 on 25 June 2013, at the 6th (!) Ministry of ICT stakeholders’ “consultative” forum, Arrebusch Lodge, Windhoek, Namibia.  EduNet’s blog site will have missed a few of these, so read on for a slightly more verbose update

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What books are useful in a remote library setting?

Book Aid International writes: Children’s books: fiction and picture books for all ages and reading abilities; simple ‘readers’; low literacy books for all ages Educational books: school curriculum support materials for primary and secondary levels English as a foreign language (EFL):

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Hello School Librarians ! Anyone for Raspberry Pi?

I’ve not abandoned my commitment to ICT4E in developing spaces – but I tend to operate in a parallel universe where I’m not endlessly frustrated by mind-numbing government decision-makers:-) – my recent blog-rolls will likely entertain you with the latest

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Creepy FaceBook stats for Africa

And Namibia?  At end of 2012, there were 231,340 FB users out of 259,899 internet users, representing some 12% of Namibia’s population.And from the twittersphere – Joris Komen ‏@tatejoris2 @Nnenna  courtesy of Poke a social media parody – 27% of FB’s server capacity

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Ai. I was right about Kenya government OLOC…

Further to my earlier comments on recent M$FT phallophoria in Kenya: AFRICA – The Kenyan government set aside KSh53.2 billion ($622 million) to support the one laptop one child programme in today’s budget speech presented by cabinet secretary for

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Given the gloomy reality that even if we were to migrate to a new set of *internet-based* apps someone clever and resourced enough to crack a code will do so, regardless.  Really, the fact is that if we are going

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