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on the train to Dordrecht – live feed!

one day this will possible in Namibia, on a solar powered public bus between Brakwater and Windhoek central station… Advertisements

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Antwerp is a rather nice city!

filled with bankers, diamond dealers and chocolatiers, even the icy sleet cannot detract from a very attractive inner city with cobbled stones and places which sell take-out kosher salmon snacks or antique gold jewelry. And upstairs at Pierre Marcolini, in

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there’s some hope yet!

An anonymous buyer from Johannesburg apparently paid R230 000 for one of the three bottles of the Balvenie Fifty single malt whisky. That’s a cool 23k euro for my friends in holland! That’s for one of 88 bottles of 50

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visa blues? relax, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In response to a South African complaining about the apparent nuisance of applying for a Ghanaian visa…Having been severely abused by embassies, immigration, customs and medical officers at airports in *every* country in the world (including both of those I

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Some veggie-growing advice for central hochland namibia

Gosh, what started off as a response to a brief query has turned into a thesis:-); soringo. I do hope it helps. If the vegetable beds (well-mulched!) are sheltered from prevailing wind and hot afternoon sun (some kind of not-quite

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