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First cheetah kill at home!

There have been several reports of cheetah sightings in the area of Brakwater – where we live about 16 kms (as the crow flies) from the centre of windhoek. While we’ve had plenty of spoor of feral dogs, leopard, brown

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Interview for the eLearning Report 2013

Interview for The eLearning Africa 2013 Report Please tell us about your personal journey: what was your most influential formative educational experience as you were growing up? A truly gifted, knowledgeable and inspiring biology teacher in my last two years

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Incroyable! How Open Source CMS template use can be profitable!

I simply have to share this story! I’m gob-smacked by the temerity of this gang! The real cost of SA’s most expensive website – 05 Mar 2013 by Arthur Goldstuck | Filed in Web World  The budget for South Africa’s

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Retrospective – Wizards of OS 3

The Wizards of OS 3 site has become very slow to access from here in Namibia, so I’ve taken the liberty of porting parts of my presentation there in June 2004 to set a precedent for future thinking. I want

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