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It hasn’t stopped raining…

With apology to Ethan Zuckerman, my heart remains in Namibia … post-rain transformations Well, it hasn’t stopped raining, raining, raining, and the larks are breeding, breeding, breeding! Is this going to be another epic rain season like Namibia had in

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Restructuring OER to make it even more open than it is presently

Sir John Daniel of the Commonwealth of Learning recently wrote in a keynote presentation at the Consultative meeting on opening up higher education, hosted by the OER University in Otago, New Zealand, on 23 February 2011, aimed at developing a shared understanding of

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The future of wikimedians

In commentary on Heather Ford’s essay – ‘the missing wikipedians‘ where she inserted a quotation concerning wikipedia use from Kenya – “I am a heavy *user* like most of us here in Nairobi but there’s never really been motivation to become

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I had nearly forgotten the beltway bandits of my past!

Having just picked up a thread about AED being banged by USAID for a change,  I  dug out the original texts of my early fall-out with these bandits ….  I’m amazed that I wasn’t eventually assassinated by anyone at the

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Tertiary education blues?

“The function of universities is the induction of the intellectually qualified in the rigors of rational discourse.  It is not to remedy the deficiencies of primary and secondary education.”  Thus spake Jeremy Gauntlet, SC.

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