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Monte Christo burns – Brakwater saved from inferno by community efforts

Following on a recent post about fire-related misconceptions – here and on the Brakwater Neighbourhood Watch FB page, we’ve seen improved fire reporting in the area. Early last week there was a violent lightning storm in the mountains some 10

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Leopards for Friday sundowners!

We’ve been trying out the new camera-trap with MMS capacity – a system to serve as an early warning of potential poachers in areas with critical game species… here’s who came for an early evening drink a couple of fridays

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Dealing with veldt fires in Brakwater, a peri-urban neighbourhood of WIndhoek

I met with Tangeni UUSIKU (1), section head: Fire safety and prevention, Emergency management division, at Fire Brigade HQ, to try sort out some confusion about dealing with veldt (= grass /bush/forest) fires in the greater BRAKWATER area within the

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