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Fisheries observers threatened?

Wildlife Extra News – Fishery observers face bribes, harassment, threats, intimidation, and even injury or death— Joris Komen (@tatejoris2) September 28, 2013 It’s an interesting read! Especially the bit about “Observer coverage in the regional tuna purse seine fishery

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Use bloated Ministry of Defence food budget to pay for school internet

CRAN says on it FaceBook page – Namibia ranked 110th globally for Internet access in schools, or lack thereof, out of 144 countries, according to the World Economic Forum. We have our work cut out for us.I say –  WE” ???

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More Library (formerly Raspberry) Pi, anyone?

Following up on an earlier blog article about Raspberry Pi, I’m very pleased to share a progress report with you.   I’m happy to let you know that an independent Library Pi has been launched in Namibia – with a functional 12V

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