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bad hair day tails

Writing as I do, about the effectiveness and sustainability of ICTs in open education in Namibia, I am occasionally asked whether my resultant “bad hair day” tails 🙂 about Microsoft and other corporate misanthropies aren’t simply sour grapes. Given the

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Challenging myopic authority

The PrincipalSt *********’s College Tate **********, Your regretful award of TWO detentions to my son Daniel for VANDALISM OF SCHOOL PROPERTY refers. I was already having a bad hair day when I received written notice of these detentions. I shall

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My now famous "Dear George…" mail

An Open Letter To:George Ferreira, Regional Manager, Microsoft South and East Africa Dear George, my whilom philanthrope; On the wild notion of Microsoft being a partner in educational development with SchoolNet Namibia for a measly US$ 2,000 – passably, a

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A bad hair day in 2004

A bad hair day tail from late-2004 – to help set the tone 🙂 Hi, I am having a particularly bad hair day today… As per usual I appear to be the only gobemouche of  the American Federation of Teachers’

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