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early summer produce…

cubist green cauliflowers ready to bolt with temperatures soaring early this year!  The chickens don’t seem to mind, though! Advertisements

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lethal weapon 1

a wildly careering 10 Ton truck filled with aggregate on the brakwater service road – nearly took me out permanently when it’s driver chose to overtake on a double white line on a blind rise … this time I followed

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Ministerial help wanted

Maybe I’m simply suffering from educational allergies, or I’ve somehow managed to miss the bell-ringing again, but a 3/4 page spread in the Namibian by minister Abraham Iyambo presenting his message of ‘motivation’ to grade 10 and 12 learners, on

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Pressure adjustment (2) – another pet hate…unsolicited monster attachments

Hi ______________ (fill in applicable salutation – pressure dependent!)You’ve caught me on a bad hair day today.  I’ve got to FLAME you for your naive ignorance of internet courtesies, popularly know as ‘netiquette”, in your supposition that everyone in this

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